Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Number 4 L'Eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

Number 4 L'Eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner currently on offer for £25.80 for both at Birchbox - link

This is much more than I would normally spend on a shampoo and conditioner without doing my research first, but I noticed a week or so ago that I had built up a fair few Birchbox points and saw these were on offer which all worked out perfectly. I've tried the non aerosol hair spray and prep and protect spray by Number 4 and really liked them both and I wasn't disappointed with these either.

Without the special offer they retail for £21 and £22 which in my opinion, I don't think they're worth. Despite me saying they didn't disappoint me, which they didn't, a grand total of £43 is not something I'd spend on a product that does everything a £4 product does. The only difference between these and the shampoo and conditioner that I'd buy in Boots is that these come in a fancy box, which is actually quite nice but again, not nice enough for the extra £15.  

They are absolutely hydrating and left my hair feeling soft, looking shiny and my dull ends a little less dull. They didn't weigh my hair down at all and they're a really nice consistency which you might think is a little strange to add as pro but nothing annoys me more when a conditioner is basically just water. It's a pet peeve of mine and I'll admit a bit of an odd one. 

All in all I don't think I would repurchase these because of their price tag but they are pretty good products. If you can spare the £25 I'd recommend trying them as I can see them doing wonders for people with bleached hair.

Have you tried anything from Number 4? 
I'd also love to know if you have a holy grail shampoo and conditioner as I'm yet to find mine.

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