Thursday, 9 April 2015

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation

Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet Foundation SPF 15 (Beige 20) £33 - link

A few months ago I did a review on the Vitalumiere aqua foundation (which you can read here) and promised a review of this baby and here I am finally getting around to it.

I'm going to start off by saying that I don't love this as much as the Vitalumiere. I much prefer a dewy finish and this is more of a demi-matte finish. It works so much better for my oily skin but I feel like when applied it looks much more like I have foundation on rather than just looking like my skin. It hasn't hindered my love for Chanel foundations at all and I do like this a lot but not as much as I hoped I would.

It's a really watery consistency like the Vitalumiere so it definitely needs a good shake before applying it. The consistency doesn't really affect anything though and when applied gives a medium to full coverage. It easily conceals any uneven pigmentation, dark circles and some blemishes but you'll need a concealer for any heavy duty spots and possibly darker dark circles (I know from experience that this is absolutely not enough to cover up what a hangover and severe lack of sleep does to your skin). The lasting power is great at around 4-5 hours without any signs of fading or movement but it does gradually get drier throughout the day and also slightly darker which is really annoying. I keep a powder with me to even out the shade throughout the day but that really did put me off of this foundation quite a lot. Not so much that I have to powder over it throughout the day as I usually have to do that with other foundations anyway, but to powder to correct the colour so it blends with the rest of my body I was not impressed by - at all.

I haven't found it to be patchy as some people have said in reviews of this product and really the only downside for me is the oxidation of it over time. It preforms well against my oily skin and I didn't get shiny enough to powder until 3 hours of wear. There are definitely better foundations to control oil than this one but I was still happy with 3 hours.

This is not the best foundation from Chanel by far but it still isn't that bad. I wouldn't recommend the £33 as I think there are much cheaper foundations that can do a better job.

What do you think of this foundation? Have you tried any foundations by Chanel?

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