Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

 From L-R: wicked - 107 - diva - studded kiss - whirl

Oh Autumn. I love everything about it but most of all, the dark lipsticks. As much I try to get on board with Summer corals and peachy pinks, I'm a berry and dark nude lover and I'm not sorry about it. I had a few choices to pick from in my collection but narrowed it down to one's that I can't stop wearing now and those that have been with me for a fair few Autumn's.

Topshop Wicked £8 - Deep berry shade with blue undertones. I bought this around 4 years ago and I've worn it every Autumn/Winter since. I also haven't found a berry shade I love as much as this one. It's a satin matte finish, lasts 4 hours and is beautiful. As I'm writing this it's out of stock online via the link I've provided but it pops back in stock sometimes and I know that the Oxford St store has it if you want to get it too.

Rimmel 107 £5.49 - Dark red with cool undertones. A beauty blogger classic. I don't need to talk about this as I'm sure you know enough about it to write a novel. It's a matte finish, pretty drying and uncomfortable, lasts the best part of 5 hours and is a bloody bargain for £5.49.

MAC Diva £15.50 - Burgundy red with warm undertones. You can't beat a burgundy lip in A/W in my opinion. It's creamy to apply but dries throughout the day, lasts a good 6 hours and stains the lips. This one I'm sure is in most of your MAC collections and if it isn't then I'd definitely recommend picking it up or popping it on your Christmas list.

MAC Studded Kiss £15.50 - I hate to say that 2 lipsticks are the same but this is pretty much identical to Diva. It does have slightly more brown undertones running through it and a warmer hue but let's face it - they're the same. I bought both because I'm an irrational addict although it is just as beautiful as Diva nonetheless. I wouldn't recommend having both unless of course, you're an irrational addict too.

MAC Whirl £15.50 - And this brings us to the end of this lipstick Whirl-wind (I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of that pun). Whirl is a dark, muted rosy brown with warm undertones and a classic uncomfortable MAC matte finish. It's opaque, lasts 6 hours and is one of very few nudes in my collection. I much prefer the darker nudes floating around at the moment compared to the concealer lips fad back in 2007 - I've been scared of nudes ever since, until now. I find the darker variations much easier to wear and a lot more flattering. I think this lipstick is perfect for this time of year and a great alternative to the burgundy and berry shades if they're not your thing.

What's your favourite Autumn lipstick? Do you have any of these in your collection?

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