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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit

from L -R; dim light, iridescent light, diffused light, mood exposure, luminous flush, luminous bronze light.

How crazy people went over this palette was slightly ridiculous - said someone who didn't own this palette because if you did, you'd know it was completely justified.

I'm always sceptical of hype around products. It almost puts me off buying them but when something as beautiful as this emerges from the beauty world it's hard not to jump on that band wagon the first chance you get. I realise this review is almost redundant now as it's not available anywhere except maybe eBay but I hope you enjoy looking at the pretty nonetheless and maybe it could give you some insight in to which full size products you'd want to invest in.

I received this as a Christmas present and genuinely squealed with excitement when I saw the unmistakable gold box. Since then I haven't put it down. Not once. It's become my absolute favourite for everything face and I love it so much it hurts. The only flaw I have seen in any review of this palette is the amount of product you get for the price you pay. There is a considerable difference in quantity when compared to the lighting and blush trios although, as someone who wanted to try a bit of everything I really wasn't too fussed to have smaller versions. I've already been using this every day for over 3 months and haven't even dented any of the shades so I'm more than happy to have this to decide what full size products I like the best and which ones I'm prepared part with my money for.

Dim Light-
A light peach with warm undertones and a super fine shimmery, satin finish. For my skin tone this shade is too warm to use as a face powder which is what I think it would work best as so instead, I use it to warm up areas of my face similarly to how I'd use bronzer. I also sweep it across my cheek bones to make the most of the subtle shimmer and it gives the perfect lit from within look. It lasted around 6-7 hours on me.

Iridescent Light -
A pale peachy beige with white shimmer. It's described as a sheer illuminator and I couldn't agree more. The shimmer within in this is much more noticeable than the other 2 lighting powders in this palette which makes it the most apt at being a highlighter. It's quite a subtle highlight but still totally gorgeous regardless. This does kick up a lot of powder in comparison to the other shades but it doesn't make it difficult to use. It wore for around 6 hours.

Diffused Light -
A pale, yellow toned ivory shade with a super subtle shimmer and a mostly satin finish. On my skin tone this works exceptionally well as a face powder. Because of how light it is I haven't yet used it all over my face but it works perfectly in my t-zone and under my eyes to brighten everything up and keep everything in place. Using it as a setting powder definitely helped to keep my make up in place for a little longer although usually, I do still feel the need to put on a setting powder before applying this due to my oily skin. Overall it wore for 6 hours.

Mood Exposure -
A soft, medium plum shade with warm undertones and a light shimmer. This is my favourite of all the products in this palette. The texture is silky smooth and it blends incredibly. Not only does it leave your cheeks looking perfectly flushed it creates a stunning subtle glow that no other product I've tried so far has matched. It lasted for 7-8 hours.

Luminous Flush -
A vivid coral pink with warm undertones and a satin finish. Everything about this is almost identical to the previous blush but this one is slighty less glowy. The colour is much more vibrant with this shade but applying too much isn't an issue as you can blend it out with ease. It lasted 8 hours on me.

Luminous Bronze Light -
A medium brown shade with yellow undertones and a lightly shimmery finish. If you're looking for a bronzer that will make people genuinely believe you have just spent a day lounging in the sun, look no further. This has an amazing glow to it that never looks too intense no matter how much you pile it on. The only downside to this product being in this palette is the small pan leaves no room for a large brush and trying to create the same effect with a smaller, more precise brush just isn't the same. This will absolutely be one of the products that I buy the full size of not only for the quality of the product, but for the convenience of being able to use the right brush. Again, this lasted 8 hours.

All of these are rich in pigment but not overwhelmingly so. They're all buildable, not patchy and definitely not chalky and this palette, by far, is the best thing in my make up collection. If I had to recommend getting the full size of any of these it would be the Luminous Bronze and Mood Exposure. Both are unbelievably stunning and I am yet to find products that are even in league with them. I do like the lighting powders but I feel like they are perhaps a little unnecessary. When you have separate setting powders and highlighters already I don't really see the need for a product combining the two, but having said that I have found them a place in my make up routine and if  for nothing else they sure are pretty to look at.
Next on my Hourglass wishlist are the highlighters that have been released recently. They look beautiful.

Have you tried anything from Hourglass?  Did you manage to get your hands on this palette?

 F I N D  &  F O L L O W  M E  O N 

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