Friday, 15 April 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit - That Glow

L - R; 1. sunburst, 2. golden bronze, 3. bubbly, 4. dripping gold.

I am such a HUGE fan of the highlighter trend that has popped up over the past year. The cat walks were flooded with natural, glowing skin this year and I could not be happier. Especially if this means that harsh contouring and layers of make up are soon to slowly fade away to the place that homes shoes with wheels and undefined eyebrows. I will not be missing any of those things at all.

Of all the highlighters that I've recently accumulated this palette is one of my favourites. Anastasia Beverly Hills released two palettes (one cool in tone and one warm) which contain four metallic shades and they are both beyond beautiful. The reason that I went for this one, the warmer toned of the two, is because I'm not too sure if I'm a fan of that icy look that cool toned highlighters give. I much prefer warmer shades that more resemble the glow you get from lounging in the sun as opposed to that "it's obviously make up" sheen - if you know what I mean? (If you don't I wouldn't blame you but bonus points if you did). I wouldn't say that the two palettes are aimed at different skin tones as I think that all the shades are pretty universal and at the very least there are lighter and darker shades in each palette to accommodate everyone.

A light, yellow toned gold shade. The pigmentation is lovely and allows you to apply it in layers to create a look as bold as you want without it bunching up or becoming patchy. This is my favourite shade to foil as I think it looks great and it looks just as great on the eye too which is how I wear it a lot. It blends well, the texture is soft but lightly powdery and it lasted 7-8 hours on me.

Golden Bronze
A medium-dark, shimmery golden bronze shade with obvious warm undertones. Surprisingly this is the shade I use the most. I say surprisingly because of how deep the colour is and how orangey it looks on my skin tone but applied lightly this looks incredible. Dusted over the high points of the face this is one of those products that makes you look like a sunkissed goddess and I'm in love with it. I do tend to use a light hand with this though because the sheen is pretty intense and very metallic. The finish is still utterly gorgeous and the texture is silky smooth. It lasted for around 8 hours before fading.

A warm toned, peachy beige with a golden shimmer and a frosted finish. It has a noticeably drier texture than the other shades but thankfully that doesn't show up when applied on the skin. The finish is very similar to Sunburst in that it's more of a frosted sheen than metallic glow and the way I like to wear this is mixed with a matte blush to create more of a glow and I think it works wonderfully. When worn alone though it lasted for 7 hours.

Dripping Gold
A medium gold with strong warm undertones. Again, like Sunburst and Bubbly, the finish is more of a traditional sheen that builds up beautifully so you can create a look as intense as you want. It's super blendable, has a soft consistency and lasted for a respectable 7 hours before it faded entirely.

This palette is uh-mazing. If you don't already have this, or at least one of the glow kits in your collection you need one immediately. I'm sure in time I'll end up picking the other one up just to have it but I'm happy with my choice to get this one first. It's definitely more my kind of shades.

I have all my fingers crossed that this highlighter obsession that has swept the beauty world is here to stay because I love it so much. I can't wait to add more highlighters to my collection and already have scouted out 3 more that I'll be buying a-snap.

Have you picked up either of these palettes? What's your favourite highlighter?

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  1. I really want this glow kit as it looks so lovely. I am yet to add a glow kit to my collection but I think I need one ASAP xo

    Emily |

  2. Ive seen so many people rave about this kit I'm so tempted to get it! Sunburst and golden bronze look amazing!
    Steph xo

  3. I love this palette. It's so flattering on a variety of skintones. Dripping in Gold and Bubbly are my favorites to wear with more natural looks, but I love Sunlit bronze for when I need a little more warmth and glow. Great post!



  4. wow these colours look so gorgeous, they have such a nice shine to them! The pigmentation seems great! I'd love it if you'd comment back xx

  5. Personally, I can't break from my NARS Copacabana, but these look gorgeous! Do you think they would work for porcelain skin tones, or is it more for tanner tones?

    Audra |

    1. Absolutely! I have a pretty pale complexion (though with slight olive tones) and they work beautifully for me. The deep bronzer shade may be a little difficult to work with but you'll definitely be good with the rest. If not the other ABH palette called Gleam Glow is much cooler in tone so you might feel a bit more comfortable with that and the shade Crushed Pearl in that one is very similar to Copacabana, though the sheen is just a little bit more intense from what I've seen.
      Sorry for the mammoth reply! xxx

  6. I've been lusting after these ever since I saw them released and really need to get my hands on one of them! I'm a bit of a highlighter junkie so need this in my life! xo

    1. Definitely. This is a must have for all of us highlighter addicts, now I just need the other one! xxx

  7. So so so pretty!! #4 is definitely my favourite :)
    Kathy x

  8. I was looking at this palette online last night and think you've just convinced me even more!!

  9. Can't wait to try this glow kit! Perf for summer!