Friday, 8 April 2016

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Lipsticks - Leading Lady Red & Starlett Scarlet

L - R; leading lady red, starlett scarlet

Like I said in my haul I'm not usually one to sit and wait for MAC limited edition launches but with this collection containing some matte red lipsticks (and already owning every matte red shade MAC has to offer) I jumped at the chance to add some new shades to my collection.

Of the 3 shades available the first I chose was Leading Lady Red which is a true blood red shade with some pink tones and a cooler undertone. It's has a velvety consistency so it's not as drying as a retro matte from MAC for example although after about 2 hours it does become slightly drier but never enough that you want to scratch it off - always a good thing! It has wonderful pigmentation and is completely opaque after one application. All in all it lasted around 7 hours on me and left a stain as it faded. Personally I'm not a huge fan of when lipsticks do that but it's meant to be a true testament of red lipstick so maybe it's a good thing.

Next up is Starlett Scarlet. A bright, true red colour with neutral to warm tones. The texture of this is much more creamy and left more of a demi matte to satin finish when first applied. Again it does dry throughout wear and after about an hour the subtle shine disappeared, but I didn't notice it feel drying until a good 3 or 4 hours in to having it on. It lasted 5 hours overall and left a light stain too.

I never find myself disappointed with a MAC lipstick with their comprehensive finishes and mostly faultless formulas it's hard to pick one you're not going to enjoy. These lipsticks definitely match in quality although I am a little disappointed that they aren't "more matte". I have noticed MAC has sightly changed something about their matte lipstick formula in that they have slowly become more creamy in texture over time. I don't know if I'm the only person on the planet who actually liked their unbearable matte finishes but that's what the defintion of matte is to me. Perhaps I'm being too picky but I do miss the original albeit uncomfortable formula.

Did you pick up anything from this collection? What do you think of the revamped matte formula?

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  1. The packaging is GORGEOUS! I love red lips on other people but I'm not quite brave enough to wear them myself! These are gorgeous shades though! xx

  2. I really love the packaging on these lipsticks! Also the shades! I'd be more inclined to wear Leading Lady Red than Scarlett Starlet but they're both lovely. Love the spotty paper you've used here too!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  3. omg these look truly gorgeous! i love red lips but i'm a sucker for only rocking it in the evening... i wish i had the guts to strut around town in the middle of the afternoon with my red lippy on! xx

  4. I love the packaging of this as well as the look of the product itself! :)

    Kathy x