Friday, 5 August 2016

Beauty Haul #4

I think these are up there with my favourite posts to do because NEW MAKE UP!
It's a bit of a mixed bag this one with most of the bag being full of Topshop make up.

I've been a fan of Topshop make up for about 3/4 years now. I didn't jump on the bandwagon when it all initially launched but I finally got suckered in to the adorable packaging and it's pretty much been love ever since. I picked up both shades of their cream highlighters which (spoiler) are bloody beautiful, a bronzer in the shade "Salute" which I think is the medium shade but I'm not too sure, 3 lip liners, a felt tip eyeliner, a gold glitter liner and of course, a lipstick.

I've always been a fan of their lipsticks but I've always picked up reds (probably could've  guessed if you know me even a little bit) but since I've been trying to venture away from that and broaden my lipstick horizons I decided the shade "Mink" would be perfect to add to my collection. It's a medium pink shade with warm, brown tones running through it. Think Mac's Mehr but a tad more brown. I like it.

And finally, lashes*. A gal's best pal. Or at least they're mine anyway. These two were kindly gifted to me by the total babes over at (aka welovelashes). They let me pick out 2 pairs from their plentiful collection and I couldn't be happier with them or their service. I chose Red Cherry Lashes in they styles #43 and #523. They have a bunch of lash brands from Lilly Lashes to Eyelure, Japonesque and a whole load more. If you're ever in need of lashes, definitely hop over there and have a look.

Any of the products I haven't spoke about will have a full review over the next couple of weeks!

What have you picked up recently? Have you tried any of these products?

This post is not sponsored but items marked with an asterisk have been gifted to me. Thank you very much to falselashes/welovelashes, I do really appreciate it. You're a babe, Jodie!

You can read my full disclaimer here.

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  1. These all look so dreamy. I remember always wanting to try their cream highlighter, it looks even more beautiful up close.

    Selene Addicted

  2. I love your blog photos! You picked up some great things! Those lip liners are super cute! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  3. I love the Topshop glow pots. I have heard some great things about Red Cherry Lashes so I might have to give them a go!

  4. You have some great picks here! I absolutely love the Topshop lip liners, you can never go wrong with them and they are so underrated!

    Leanne |

  5. I've never used Topshop makeup but I love the look of the glow pots - beautiful shades!

  6. I feel a Topshop Beauty haul coming on now! | Amy x

  7. Great post, so glad I found your blog through bloglovin! I saw that you've got your hands on some Red Cherry lashes and had to find out what you thought of them! I do makeup tutorials over on my YouTube channel and am wanting to do a bit of investing/bulk buy of some lashes and these look perfect! You're super lucky to get them gifted to you. I agree, 100% girls best friend. xo

    1. Thank you lovely! Couldn't recommend them more! 415, DW and 747S are my all time faves if you need any recommendations. xxx