Friday, 26 August 2016

Topshop Magic Liner

Eyeliner and I have a bit of a rocky relationship. I so desperately want to love it but it seems determined to ruin my eyeshadow and make my life a misery.

I don't often even consider buying eyeliner, mostly for the aforementioned reasons, but also I have hooded eyes so any thing fancy is out of the question especially considering my skill at applying it.
I do quite occasionally line my eyes though and felt tip liners are my all time faves for the job. For a long time I was loyal to Supercat by Soap and Glory but fancying a change, and being drawn in by cute packaging, I decided to give this one a go.

It's a pigmented pen of joy. It applies so easily and the nib is so perfect for drawing a super thin line.  It's super opaque on application and dries down to a matte finish which stays put for a good 5/6 hours without cracking or crumbling. This has a lot of potential to take the number one spot and is another one to add to the long list of Topshop beauty gems.

I think this is a great product and I am most certainly a fan, particularly of the £6.50 price tag.
It's most definitely worth a try if you're in the market for a new eyeliner!

What's your favourite eyeliner? Have you tried any beauty products from Topshop?


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  1. I've got a huge love hate (mostly hate) relationship with eyeliner too. This sounds great though, the price is amazing too.
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. Im actually on the look out for a new eyeliner and this one sounds great. Topshop do some really great makeup items!

  3. This is so good to know! I've never tried Topshop makeup. I, like you, have hooded eyes and can really struggle with eyeliner but if it passes the smudge test I am on board!

    Beekeyper - Latest - The MAC quad I actually use!

  4. I've never tried Topshop makeup, but i know their cream highlighter pot is to die for. It's nice to know they do great eyeliner as well.

    Selene Addicted

  5. Will have to try this, love the look of the nib!

  6. I've never tried any Topshop makeup before but I really like the look of the tip of this liner!

  7. This looks pretty good!! I haven't tried topshop makeup before but I definitely wanna pick this up
    Kathy x