Friday, 29 January 2016

Nars Audacious Lipstick - Rita

Say hello to my new favourite red lipstick. If you haven't been here long, firstly hi and secondly, I am a complete and hopeless devotee to a red lip - I own a lot of red lipsticks - so for this to shoot straight up to my number one spot is saying something.

First of all, I just love the packaging. I think it's simple and beautiful and the magnetic closure is beyond satisfying. Because I'm part magpie it was actually the packaging that initially drew me in but it was the lipstick kept me in for the long haul! It's described as a scarlet red which I think encapsulates it perfectly. It's a medium to deep neutral red with some warmer undertones and it is gorrrrgeous. Out of all of the red shades in the Audacious family, according to reviews, this seems to be the most matte shade which I could not be happier about. When applying it feels creamy and doesn't tug at all but becomes significantly drier throughout wear. It was around the 5 hour mark when I noticed it becoming slightly uncomfortable but I was happy to find that it didn't flake or come off patchy but surprisingly faded pretty evenly. The pigmentation is incredible, after one sweep on each lip it was completely opaque.

I really don't have a bad thing to say about this lipstick. It's everything that I could dream of a lipstick being and I totally and wholeheartedly adore it.

What's your favourite lipstick? Have you tried any of Nars' Audacious lipsticks?

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Home Wishlist

photo frame - palm tree ring holder -  pillow case -  cactus candle holder
 tray - bird cage - candle - jewellery stand

As me and my boyfriend are planning to move later this year I have been eagerly collecting home decor stuff as well as boring things, like storage boxes and tea towels (that I won't bore you with) and when I have enough of a selection of things I'll be doing a haul, but for now, here a few bits that are sitting in baskets waiting to be bought.

I am LOVING gold accessories at the moment. I'm a little bit over copper but I think there will always be a place in my heart for it. The theme I'm trying to go for is white with splashes of gold and pops of colour with a butt tonne of plants everywhere. Who knows if it'll look good but I'm gonna try!

Are you still in love with copper? Where do you like to buy home decor from?

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Top Beauty Picks of 2015

Better late than never right? Maybe? Anyway after much delay, here are my most favourite finds in the beauty world from last year.

Starting with face stuff the Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth Face Balm is incredible. I love this product so much I'd go as far to say I couldn't live without it. It removes make up beautifully leaving your skin fresh and smooth. It's a winner and one to try if you haven't already.

Estee Lauder's DayWear has remained unchanged in my skin care routine since last January. Sometimes it's difficult to find a good moisturiser that works well with my skin as it's oily and prone to breakouts but I have never had an issue with this whatsoever which is why I think my skin care draw has never been without it. It's a fairly heavy duty cream but doesn't linger on the skin. It smells heavenly (or of cucumber if you wan't to be specific) and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Oily skin gals especially, put this one on your wishlist -you need to try it!

Foundations - oh boy I've tried a lot of foundations this year. As much as I love my YSL Touche Eclat I much prefer the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I think I was late to the party having only tried this foundation last Summer but I bloody love it. It's light, fresh and natural and ticks every box for what I want from a foundation. Surprisingly it's also the best foundation for matching my skin tone I have ever tried, which is always a plus. Well done Bourjois!

Still with me? Great, let's talk about concealers. There is not a single concealer in my collection that even comes close to this one. The Clarins Instant Concealer is wonderful. I won't go into the 3 million reasons I love it because I've already reviewed it but here's the run down. It's brightening, doesn't crease, blends beautifully, sits on top/under foundation even more beautifully and lasts ages - on the skin and in the tube. It's truly the best concealer I've ever used.

As for powders from 2015, I tried a tonne. Some were great, some not so much but the stand out for me was the Urban Decay De Slick powder, despite it's intimidatingly white appearance. It's perfects the skin, makes make up last longer and gets rid of shine instantly and forever (or that's what it seems like). It's just all round wonderful.

I only really started appreciating blushes this year and on a whim I picked up 2 Bobbi Brown ones. They are both incredible and have fully converted me to being an avid blush wearer and collector. My favourite out the two and of all the other blushes I've tried so far is Tawny. It's a beautiful smoky mauve/pink. It blends beautifully, has wonderful pigmentation and I'm desperate to try more blushes this year from Bobbi Brown and from every other brand too!

Eyebrows. My greatest nemesis. I don't have a whole lot to say here. It was always going to be the Dipbrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills. There are other brow products I like and use but none of them compare to this.

Mascaras are my drug of choice. I have A LOT of them. I would say it was hard to choose between them all but really Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara is unchallenged within my mascara collection. It does everything I want a mascara to do and more. If you haven't already given in to the hype and bought it then I highly recommend adding it to your collection.

A new discovery for me last year was MAC's paint pots. I have oily skin in general but my eyelids are another story. Eyeshadows crease on me like a mother and no amount of primer potion would fix it. I tried eye primers from Smashbox and Nars and nothing worked until this. It creates a perfect and flawless base for eyeshadow and keeps it there all day what more could you possibly want? I love it and without a doubt it was the best addition to my make up stash last year.

I go through phases where I wear false lashes to absolute death and then won't touch them for a year. My favourites of all time and of last year were Red Cherry lashes. They are so beautiful and completely inexpensive (I get mine from eBay for £2.99). If you want some recommendations these are all lovely - 747 S, DW, 415, WSP, 218, 213.

And finally lips. I could sit here and list red lipsticks all day long but the stand out in my lipstick collection was Mehr from MAC. It's not a MAC lipstick you hear about very often and I have absolutely no idea why. It's a dark, dusky pink with cool undertones that looks great on everyone I've seen wear it. If you're looking to expand your MAC lipstick collection (and let's face it who isn't?!) this is definitely one to consider.

If you read all of that then give yourself a pat on the back and a round of applause.

What were your stand out products from last year?

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Monday, 18 January 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

first pictured swatches from L-R: blonde, bathwater, skimp, steady, punk, baby, anaheim, stark, zone, serious.
second from L-R: pop, harajuku, danger, 1987, blackout.

Every time Urban Decay brings out a palette I have to have it. Even after being disappointed in the quality of their previous release, the smoky palette, I still had the ache to try this one. First of all the shades in this palette - oh my god. I love them all, even the shimmery hot pink, although I'm not sure I'd ever wear it (unless anyone wants to invite me to an 80's themed barbie party). All in all you get 15 shades with a great mix of finishes from frosted to matte to create and endless amount of looks. On the whole every shade is smooth, soft, blendable and pigmented - just the way I like em'. Anyway, here's the run down of all the shades.

Blonde - The palest swatch I have ever seen, sorry about that - I really did try! A pale ivory shade with a hint of pink iridescence and a understated frosted finish. It feels very soft in texture and is finely milled and tightly packed but applies beautifully with good pigmentation (despite the swatching fiasco).

Bathwater - Light beige with golden yellow tones. The glitter/iridescence in this shade is much more loose and therefore the pigmentation isn't as strong and applies almost as a wash. It has similar finish to the previous shade just a lot more subtle because of the lack of pigmentation. The texture is equally as soft and feels just as finely milled.

Skimp - A pale peach with warm undertones and sheeny, satin finish. This shade is still soft in texture but is a little more powdery and has a tendency for fall out on application. It applied kind of unevenly on me and sheered out a lot more than I was expecting.

Steady - A beaaaautiful copper shade with a metallic finish. The pigmentation of this shadow is amazing. It's easy to blend and lasted ages on me without losing intensity or creasing as most metallic shadows tend to do on me.

Punk - A rich dark brown matte with red/plum undertones and great pigmentation. It has a buttery texture to swatch from the pan but was stubborn when trying to blend it.

Baby - Rose gold with warm undertones and a glittery, metallic finish. Wonderful pigmentation and a gorgeous shade that blends well and feels soft in texture like most of the other shades in this palette.

Anaheim - Medium taupe with slight warm undertones and a matte finish. It has good pigmentation but isn't as strong as some of the other shades which makes it a great transition shade. Still has a soft, buttery texture but is slightly more on the powdery side. On the plus side though, I didn't have any fall out applying or blending it.

Stark - Medium beige with strong peach undertones. It's a little bit powdery but still blends well although it did sheer out a lot. This shade is very similar to my skin tone anyway so it kind of just disappears on me even if it didn't sheer out. It has a soft matte finish.

Zone - A medium brown with strong yellow undertones and a matte finish. It has strong, even pigmentation that blends fairly easily and lasts well.

Serious - A deep grey shade with a really fine shimmer. Again this shade is a little powdery but it applied well but was a little difficult to blend.

Pop - Light peach with a sparkly, glittery finish. You can feel the chunks of glitter in the texture which makes it hard to apply with the amount of fall out. It was uneven because of the consistency but looked beautiful pressed on in the centre of the eye (which is how I wore it).

Harajuku - A hot pink shade with cool, blue undertones and a sheer frosted finish. The pigmentation is good but it does sheer out and lose intensity easily while blending.

Danger - The most beautiful deep navy blue with a silvery sheen. It has great pigmentation, that blends easily and evenly. It's soft and smooth in texture and is by far my favourite shade in this palette. It's gorgeous.

1987 - Very yellow gold with slight warm undertones and a metallic finish. It's lightly powdery but still feels soft in consistency. It has great pigmentation and blends beautifully while holding it's intensity.

Blackout - A deep, true matte black with neutral undertones. It's super finely milled and has a velvety texture that blends fairly well. It does have quite a lot of fall out though during application and throughout wear.

What do you think of this palette? Have you already added it to your collection or are you going to?

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Friday, 15 January 2016

What I'm Watching #3

Where has this been all my life?! Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, love stories, family drama and THE TWO HOTTEST MEN ON THE PLANET?! If that doesn't tempt you then there must be something wrong with you.. (joking - kind of). I only really started watching this last year around October and I'm all caught up and waiting for it's return after it's mid season hiatus. This show has everything a girl could ask for and I love it. A lot.

Criminal Minds
I only started watching this a couple of weeks ago and I'm already on season 9. It's about the FBI solving crimes by profiling/analysing the behaviour of the murderer, rapist, terrorist or whatever awful thing someone can be and solving the crime and catching the bad guy. Think CSI but a trillion times better and less predictable. This show fills my addiction for documentaries and great tv shows all in one. It's addictive and I have been hooked since the first episode. Annoyingly it's only on the american Netflix and Amazon Prime Video but if you can watch it - do!

Like Arrow, this isn't something I thought I'd enjoy. It's set in pre Batman Gotham and focuses more on Detective Gordon as a character and the crime in the city. It features a few familiar names like The Penguin, Harvey Dent etc but isn't superhero-esque at all. I really enjoyed it for what it was and I'm looking forward to the second season.

Pretty Little Liars
It's back! I haven't had a chance to watch any of the new season yet (so no spoilers), but when I have a couple of hours to spare I am going to binge watch it to my heart's content. If you haven't given Pretty Little Liars a chance then please do  - for your sake. It's SO GOOD.

And that's everything. Let me know what you've been watching recently or if you're as obsessed as me about any of the one's I've mentioned.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

GO AND BUY THIS IMMEDIATELY. Seriously this is one of the most incredible foundations I have ever used. I adore it. I know everyone and their dog is praising the crap out of Charlotte Tilbury products at the moment and as much as I've tried to steer clear of the hype, I am officially on the band wagon and I'm here to stay.

At £29.50 this is pretty much on par with other high end foundations and in my opinion is worth every penny. It's a full coverage foundation that, usually, I would avoid like a house on fire but all the aspects that would put me off just aren't an issue with this. It isn't cakey, it blends beautifully and I didn't find it heavy at all in fact, I find it comfortable enough to wear everyday which I have never had with a foundation with this level of coverage. It adds radiance, revives tired skin, it's a demi matte finish and covers everything you could ever want to cover but still allows your skin to look like skin.

It lasts all day without moving or settling in any areas although I did need to powder once or twice throughout that time but I blame my skin more for that than the actual foundation. Having said that, it does control oil fairly well and it's definitely one of the best foundations in my collection for oil control.

To be honest I can't fault this foundation at all and that's coming from a firm hater of full coverage foundations. It is the best full coverage foundation I have ever used and I tip my hat to Charlotte Tilbury. She truly nailed this one and it absolutely deserves all the hype.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think of full coverage foundations?

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder

I feel like I buy new setting powders more often than I buy food. I'm trying new ones all the time, desperately trying to find the absolute best. I'm yet to find one that is truly perfect but I have to say that this is pretty close. The urban decay de slick, one of my all time favourites, is a definite contender although still comes in second to this and I've only been using it for 2 weeks.

It's a super duper finely milled translucent powder. When first applied it does leave a light powdery layer but soon sinks in and melts into the rest of your make up beautifully. It doesn't feel chalky at all or accentuate any dry areas but simply glides over them. It did crease under my eyes but most pressed powders I've tried do that anyway so I'm not really disappointed by it. I found that my make up lasted considerably longer when I used this and it even survived an 11 hour New Year's Eve and if that isn't a true test of how great this powder is I don't know what is.

If you're in the oily skin club or you're just in the market for a new setting powder I would highly recommend picking this up, it's wonderful.

Have you tried this? What's your favourite Laura Mercier Product?

P.S - Hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year!

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