Monday, 5 May 2014

Trends for Spring/Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Hair styles of the summer bring sleek poker straight hair and head bands back from the 90's. The beach waves and loose curls are on their way out this season according to the catwalk. Personally I'm not sure if when the sun decides to come out in London I could bare straightening my hair everyday and everything in my body tells me head bands are for washing my face but who know's, maybe you will see me rocking a 5 inch wide elasticated head band. I doubt it. 

Black eyeliner never goes out of fashion and this summer the way to wear it is smudged under the eyes. It's all about it not being perfect which is great for all of us that absolutely can not do winged liner even if our lives depended on it.
  Using a pencil to achieve this is probably the easiest but I guess a black eyeshadow under the lower lash line would essentially do the same thing. I usually wear a variation of this look everyday by applying 'Faint', which is a dark brown colour from my Naked Basics palette, under my lower lash line just to complete my eye look. I'm all for this trend but really always thought of it as more of a Auntumn/Winter look but I guess not.
Here are a couple of my favourite eyeliners:
Rimmel Scandal Eyes £3.99
Topshop Khol in Coal £4.00

I have always been a massive fan of bronzers so I was glad to hear that they should be overused this season. A natural bronzed looking face achieved literally by lightly applying your favourite bronzer to you whole face (and neck, you don't want to be leaving that out - trust me)  is the thing to do this Summer. I always opt for a matte bronzer as I'm not a massive fan of shimmer ,no matter how subtle, so most days I use my Nars Laguna Bronzer but I find at the moment it looks just a little to dark for me so my routine involves a lot of blending. If you have any recommendations for a light bronzer please please let me know.
I would be eternally grateful.

Nail trends. Who knew they were a thing? Nail art has been the subject of controversy on the catwalk with some designers such as Marc Jacobs who seem to be a true advocate of nail art using studs to accentuate his runway outfits, but as much as they deny it natural and nude nails are creeping their way back in and I have to say, I'm all for it. Natural colours, simple patterns and french manicures are the opposing trend and have always been something I've preferred. As ridiculous as it sounds I'm never brave enough to have something extravagant on my nails so nude and pastel shades are my go to for spring especially and by far the biggest part of my collection.

My favourite nude nail polishes:
Nude Beigie

Florals, embellishment, slogan tees and crop tops.
Florals are quite simple to wear really as they're on pretty much everything. Over the past few months they've been appearing on jeans which I think is a great way to wear them this season.
Embellishments are the new studs for S/S which I think is a nice change. I haven't seen much of this in the highstreet yet so hopefully they'll catch up before the end of summer.
I'm on the fence with slogan tees. I can't tell if you're meant to wear them ironically or not so I haven't really bothered. The only one that hangs lonely in my wardrobe is one I got from Zara last year which isn't in stock anymore but I found a replica here.

There are hundreds more trends to accompany this season but these are the ones I thought most applied to everyone.
What do you think of these trends for the upcoming months?

Lots of love.

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