Sunday, 1 June 2014

Review: Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer Kit

After hearing a few people compare this to the Laura Mercier undercover pot I decided to try it as I'm always on the hunt for drugstore dupes so I was excited to see of I'd found a new one. Unfortunately my excitement was short lived. Usually with Soap and Glory products I'm nothing but the bearer of good news but this product failed to impress me. The kit comes with a pink toned and a yellow toned concealer, a pressed translucent powder and whole bunch of disappointment.

In theory I really like the idea of a two toned concealer kit, I often use two different toned concealers to cover different areas of my face so to have them in one compact set seemed perfect. The concealers themselves are incredibly greasy and for someone who has oily skin, the two don't mix well. On applying them under my eyes, I noticed that they creased easily, faded quickly and really didn't have the coverage I was hoping for and even more so on blemishes.

I can imagine this being more suitable for dryer skin types but I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone. I think there are much better concealers in the drugstore for a lot less than £10.

I hate to be so negative about a product but I was expecting much better things, sorry Soap and Glory!

What's your most disappointing drugstore product?

Lots of love.

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