Monday, 28 July 2014

Review: Urban Veda Exfoliating Facial Polish

After receiving this as a sample in a Birchbox a few months ago this has quickly become part of my daily routine (which you can read about here). To control my oily skin an exfoliator is mandatory, especially in the Summer, and after going through various others this one is my favourite so far. It's completely natural with no parabens or GM ingredients and consists mainly of marigold, papaya and coriander all to help aid radiant skin and an enhanced complexion.
The microbeads within the product are fine and really small which I think is essential for facial exfoliators. If the grain is too thick you can often be left with feeling like you've lost a layer of skin which after many red faced incidents, I learnt the hard way. I use this every morning and night after using a cleanser and before moisturising. It makes my skin feel super soft and makes a huge difference to how my moisturiser and make up apply, helps keep the oil in my skin at bay all day and balances and brightens my complexion.

This works wonderfully as an exfoliator and it's a great product for the price, I'd definitely recommend trying it if you can!

Do you use exfolaitors? What one's your favourite?

Lots of love.

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