Friday, 28 November 2014

Agent Zero Shine

For me, the search for the perfect setting powder is endless. I've tried hundreds. I have oily skin so not wearing one means that my make up has slid halfway down my face within an hour.
So I bought this one during a huge and completely unnecessary splurge about 2 months ago. I've been trying it out almost daily and to be honest, I really don't love it.

The product itself works. It does make my make up last longer and it does reduce the appearance of pores - so far so good. It's the packaging that ruins it for me. Usually I'll have to reapply at least once more during the day and the packaging of this makes it difficult, to say the least, to apply on the move. But the brush is my biggest problem. Normally I use a Real Techniques powder brush to apply setting powders, which is huge, so using this in comparison is not ideal. And if I do want to use my normal brush then I have to empty the product on to something else and then it gets messy, there's product wasted, it's unhygienic blah blah blah. 

I wouldn't say this was a complete waste of money because as I said the product is good but, for convenience purposes, this isn't going to be something I use very often. I'm a little bit disappointed but I know the main reason I don't like this as much as I hoped is down to my  own make up laziness.

Have you tried this product, what do you think?

Lots of love.

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