Thursday, 19 February 2015

Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation £32 - link

Not one of the catchiest titles Nars, but I'll let you off because I am seriously impressed with this foundation.

Nars Sheer Glow is one of my all time favourites and even against my oily skin sits well and lasts quite a long time with the aid of a little bit of powder. This foundation to me, is like a lighter, weightless if you will, version of the Sheer Glow foundation. It also has the same shades as the Sheer Glow range which is nice too.

I've worn this a couple of times since I bought it last week and so far I'm loving it. It has a really watery consistency but advises to shake well before use which is definitely necessary and IT HAS A PUMP! That was honestly the first thing I said (or shouted) when I opened it. It's so annoying that hardly any foundations come with a pump these days #firstworldproblems - and if you have my luck and they're out of stock everytime you go to buy one, Space NK have them in stock online at last! You can get one here for £3.

Anyway, back to the foundation. It applies beautifully (I used a brush) and it blends really well and evenly. It didn't cling to any dry patches/healing blemishes I had on my skin although it did slightly settle in the creases around my eyes. It actually does feel completely weightless on the skin is super comfortable to have on all day. The first time I wore this I had a big day of shopping and not only did it feel great it still looked great by the time I'd got home 6 hours later. It had started fading a little bit on my chin, nose and forehead especially, which is where I get most oily, but compared to other foundations I've used I'm really happy with the longevity and staying power of it, even if it didn't last the 16 hours it claims to be able to.  It says it is a full yet natural coverage but it's much more of a medium coverage I'd say, but the natural part holds true. Blemishes I had were still visible when I used this on it's own but any redness or discolouration I have in my skin were completely covered. It would be a wonderful foundation for good skin days where there isn't much to conceal but you still want a flawless look to your skin.

I really like this foundation. I'm a lover of the natural looking foundations that aren't too heavy or matte, which is difficult to avoid if you have oily skin, but I think this one is a winner. It doesn't have a dewy enough finish for it to be completely unwearable for those with oily skin but is natural enough for everyone of all skin types to enjoy I think. Another great foundation from Nars.

Have you tried this foundation yet? If not, are you going to?

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