Tuesday, 10 March 2015

YSL Le Tient Touche Éclat Foundation

YSL Le Tient Touche Éclat Foundation £30.50 - link

I absolutely LOVE this foundation. I have no idea why I held out trying it for so long. The colour I have is BR20 and I have never matched a foundation so perfectly which is a big part of why I love it so much but it's also just a really wonderful foundation.

It's described as an illuminating foundation with dimensional radiance that is meant to highlight the contours of the face. I'm not sure that it does that much as I've never really noticed a massive difference in the radiance of my skin or particularly "highlighted contours" when I've used it but it definitely does even out and conceal any darker areas, redness or uneven pigmentation I have on my face. It applies beautifully and doesn't crease at all like almost all of my other foundations do. It glides over any dry patches/healing blemishes I have and doesn't accentuate pores or soak into them. 

It's a light to medium coverage and where it's great for creating an even skin tone it doesn't hold up so well at concealing blemishes and spots on it's own. It does definitely help but I wouldn't say you could solely use this to hide any imperfections and it would work. It lasts a good 6/7 hours without needing to be reapplied and for people with normal or dry skin I don't think you'd have to touch it up at all for up to 8 hours. From an oily skin perspective for a natural, weightless and light coverage foundation this is brilliant at preventing shine and lasting for a long time. I usually have to powder over my t-zone at around 6 hours in of wearing this and even that I am super duper impressed by, especially in comparison to other foundations of it's type that I've tried.

So far of all of the foundation I've tried, high end and drugstore, this is my favourite. It does everything I'd want a foundation to do and it's so worth the £30 price tag.

Although if you can't afford or justify the money to buy it - the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation is a great dupe for this in my opinion. It applies the same, has the same coverage, finish and consistency the only difference is that it doesn't last as long and settles into pores and lines after around 3 hours. Despite that, it's a really great foundation and really similar but less than half the price of the YSL.
You can buy it here for £6.99.

Have you tried this foundation?

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