Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Origins GinZing Moisturizer

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer £23 - link

This is my absolute favourite S/S moisturiser of all time. I've been using it for about 2 years and despite trying a whole heap of others I always come back to this one.

I'm a huge fan of Origins and I think their skincare is truly one of the best on the market. As for their Ginzing collection, I am just completely in love with it all and this one in particular. This is a really lightweight moisturiser that somehow still manages to be really hydrating. It sinks in beautifully and I always find that my make up applies so much nicer if I've used this beforehand. The scent is incredible and, as the packaging would suggest, smells of fresh oranges.

Titled a 'enery boosting' moisturiser it really does make a difference to bringing some life back to my skin. It doesn't really add the radiance that I crave and that it's meant to add but does do wonders to refresh my lacklustre skin. I much prefer to use this in the day although you could definitely use it as a day and night cream - I just personally like using something a little more heavy duty in the evening. It's oil free so is great to use for people like me with oily skin too which I know is often a problem with some moisturisers.

I couldn't recommend this enough if you're in need of a moisturiser for the upcoming warmer months. It's wonderful.

Have you tried this? What do you think of this moisturiser?

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