Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Concealer

Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Concealer (Light) £17 - link

I'm always always on the hunt for a new and better concealer. I have ones that I do really like for example the Nars creamy concealer but even that still quite isn't the one. 

I didn't even know that Origins had a make up range so I was super excited to try this. So far I do like it but it just doesn't tick all the boxes for me. I got the shade 'light' (the lightest shade) which when applied looks way too warm toned and almost orange. It blends out nicely though so there aren't any obvious patchy colours but still slightly annoying nevertheless. Because it blends so nicely it's perfect for under your eyes and concealing those dark circles. It never appears cakey no matter how many layers I put on and even with a pretty considerable build up of this it didn't crease or settle into any fine lines at all. The anti aging aspect of this concealer comes into play there where it's meant to blur fine lines which I don't necessarily agree with, but it doesn't accentuate them so that's definitely a good thing!

As for concealing, it's a light/medium coverage. It conceals any redness or uneven pigmentation with ease but as with all products of this coverage it doesn't hide everything. If you prefer a natural look and you don't have any heavy blemishes or scars you need to conceal this would be great for you. It lasts a considerable amount of time and I haven't noticed it move or fade when I've had it on either.

Personally I don't think this is a £17 concealer. Just as an example The Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer I used religiously last year is much better in my opinion and over £10 cheaper. It is nice and there are aspects of it that I think are great but just not great enough. The hunt for my holy grail concealer continues.

If you have any recommendations of concealers please please let me know!

Are you interested in trying this or have you already?

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