Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara £23 - link 

It feels too long since I reviewed a mascara, so long that my eyelashes are almost twitching. I usually buy a bunch of them every 3 months and this time I've left it at least 6 as I've still been in love with the YSL Shocking mascara but it's most definitely time to try something else.
I had heard quite a lot about this mascara a few months ago with a fair few people saying it was one of the best from Bobbi Brown. I haven't tried any other mascaras from the brand (yet) but this seemed like a pretty good place to start.

This is one of the greatest mascaras for lengthening I've ever tried. In one coat my lashes seemed to double - it's incredible. It does however lack in adding any thickness or definition but building up layers soon fixes that problem. The formula is slightly dryer so clumping absolutely isn't an issue and you could go to town on coats and coats of this and be left with beautifully separated, completely un-spidery lashes. The brush is made up of bristles and is fairly small which makes it easier to be more precise and avoid the mascara on your eyelid fiasco - especially when you already have eyeshadow on (God help me). I'd say this mascara is the the perfect balance between natural and dramatic with the capabilities to make it look more like either end of the spectrum.

Around £20 is what I expect to pay for a higher end mascara and I usually do my research first so I won't be disappointed. I was a little surprised that this comes in at 2ml less than most mascaras in the same price range or even those that are £10 cheaper but I do think it's worth the money. I'm absolutely going to be trying more mascaras from the brand and if this is anything to go by, I can't wait.

Have you tried this mascara or any other from Bobbi Brown?

Are there any mascaras that you'd like to see me review?

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