Sunday, 15 November 2015

Beauty Wishlist

born this way foundation £29 - link // hourglass opaque rouge liquid lipstick £23 - link
laura mercier pressed setting powder £25 - link // diptyque eau duelle eau de parfum £90 - link
estee lauder pure color blush £27 - link // chanel le volume de chanel £25 - link

I've heard so much about the Born This Way foundation. I'm almost a little skeptical to try it because so many people love it (I'm aware that makes absolutely no sense). I've been told that it does wonders for oily skin and that means that it's at least made it's way on to a wishlist. Fingers crossed this lives up to the hype when I get around to buying it.

The hourglass liquid lipsticks aren't something I've heard a lot about across the beauty blogger world. The colour 'Icon' looks beautiful and I did one of those little involuntary squeaks as I was trawling through swatches of it online. I need this in my life ASAP.

Pressed powders and me have a love hate relationship. It feels like I've been looking for my holy grail for an eternity. I'm definitely going to pick up this one from Laura Mercier or the translucent version. From reviews it seems to have a natural matte finish which is my favourite and incredibly difficult to find. It sounds like a winner and any excuse to have a SpaceNK splurge is fine with me!

I've never tried anything from Diptyque much to my disappointment. This fragrance has notes of vanilla that immediately interested me but it also has a warm, slightly spicy infusion which is seems perfect for this season. At £90 I don't think I could justify buying it for myself, however if a little birdie happens to be reading this I wouldn't be opposed to unwrapping this on Christmas morning (subtle hints are not my forte if you can't tell).

If you have an Estee Lauder blush please, please let me know what shade and what you think of it. I am so unbelievably torn on which one to get. At the moment it's a tie between Sensuous Rose and Peach Passion. Both look incredibly beautiful and I can't choose to save my life. HELP!

And finally, the Le Volume De Chanel mascara. I've had about 5 samples of this and have fallen in love with it every time. It's such a great mascara and I think it's finally time to commit £25 to the full size. The volume and length this mascara creates is amazing - keep your eyes peeled for a review.

What beauty products have you been lusting after recently?

P.S. if any of the products on your wishlist are available from Debenhams there's currently a 10% off sale on all (I think) beauty items, you're welcome!

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