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12 Days of Blogmas - Day #11 | Christmas Day Beauty Picks

I don't know about you (how many of you sang "but I'm feeling 22"? - it's been 2 years, will it ever stop?!) but for as long as I can remember I've 'dressed up' for Christmas Day. I've always put on a fancy dress, usually adorning some form of pom pom or glitter (not in recent years, thankfully) and thoroughly enjoyed it. As I've got older, and going out and getting incoherently drunk on Christmas Eve has become a new tradition, I've started lacking in the fancy department and instead choosing pyjama chic to comfort my suffering, hungover self. This year however, I've decided to combine the two. Pyjamas and the fanciest make up I can possibly do. These are the products I've narrowed it down to but then again that all depends on what make up I unwrap on Christmas morning (I have all my everything crossed for the Hourglass palette, don't let me down Santa!).

If you wan't a foundation that isn't going to move, fade, make you look shiny and control oil then Chanel's Perfection Lumiere Velvet is your guy. Despite having oily skin I really don't like matte foundations. I think my innate dislike of them came from years of using Dream Matte Mousse as a teenager and now I just avoid them like the plague, but this one, is beautiful. I also think it's nice to have a matte base for occasions like these with how much glitter people tend to use at Christmas. It keeps the balance, or so I think anyway.

Next up is MAC's skin finish in Soft & Gentle. Oh jesus, I love this product. It gives the perfect amount of shine and highlight to the skin without being over powering, no matter how much you use. It blends seamlessly so you have no obvious lines of pure shimmer and on top of all of that, especially if you're hungover, it makes your skin look a lot less tired and much more polished. 

For lips, I'm completely torn. It's unquestionable that it has to be a red lip on Christmas Day, surely that's just a given, but my problem is that 80% of my lipsticks are red lipsticks. The two I've picked out are Nars' Mysterious Red and Charlotte Tilbury's Red carpet red. Mysterious Red, which is a bold red, is gorgeous but I didn't choose it just for the shade. As it wears off it does so evenly and doesn't stain meaning that throughout and after eating Christmas dinner my mouth won't look like I've just been involved in some kind of horrible accident. However, Red carpet red is equally as gorgeous but perhaps a little more understated (as understated as a red lip can be anyway) which could be a good thing. I think I'm best just waking up and picking one out with my eyes closed, either way I'm not going to be disappointed!

Eyes are where the magic happens. Really it's just a game of, let's see how much glitter I can get on my eyes and still be able to see. My choice of shades are coming from my favourite of all the Naked palettes, the Naked 2. I'll be using the shades 'Booty call, Half baked and Suspect' to create the most shimmery, slightly smokey eye I can. If like me you don't own any pigments or loose glitter you can wet your brush or the shadows with a face spray like Urban Decay's all nighter or MAC's Fix+ to get a lot more colour and shimmer pay off, especially if you're patting it on rather than blending it. My mascara of choice is the YSL shocking mascara but I won't be using much and instead using Ardell's Demi Wispie Lashes which are incredible! I got mine from eBay if you want to get your hands on some too.

And lastly are my nail and fragrance choices. Essie's 'Rock at the top' is a pretty, chunky gold glitter that, chips faster than you can put it on but, is great for layering over other nail polishes or to create a 'feature' nail. Personally I'm going all out and painting my nails in pure glitter because it's not really acceptable at any other time of the year so I'm going to make the most of it!
Tom Ford Black Orchid is such an amazing scent. It's by far my most special perfume so there weren't any other contenders that even came close, I love it.

Sorry this post has been a bit rambly, I hope you don't mind! Too much coffee and too little sleep can do that you.

Have you picked out any make up for Christmas Day? Do you dress up for Christmas or stay in your pyjamas all day?

Reviews of featured products:
Chanel foundation, Mac Soft & Gentle, Nars Mysterious Red, Charlotte Tilbury Red carpet red, YSL Mascara, Supercat Liner.

F I N D  &  F O L L O W  M E  O N 

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