Monday, 1 February 2016

Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush - Blushing Nude

I've been completely loving peach tone blushes at the moment maybe it's just me subconsciously pining for warmer weather but either way they are slowly becoming a large part of my blush collection. This shade misleadingly named Blushing Nude is a peachy/apricot shade with warm undertones and a satin finish. Being heavy handed blushes were something I stayed away from for ages for fear that I would like a pink and shimmery hot mess but since finding fool proof brushes that isn't an issue anymore (I hope). Even if I didn't have brushes to rescue me, over pigmentation wouldn't be a problem with this. I know that some people see that as a fault in the product but I much prefer a blush to be buildable, which it absolutely is, than have it all smack dab on your face in one fell swoop.

It applies beautifully because it's so finely milled and has a smooth, silky texture. However, yes unfortunately there is a however, it is powdery to swatch and to apply. It doesn't make it difficult to apply or to blend but it wasn't something I was expecting from a £23 blush and did hinder my love for it slightly. It doesn't look powdery on the skin though and creates a gorgeous peachy glow without the shimmer. All in all it lasted around 4-5 hours on me before it disappeared into the rest of my make up.

I'm eager to try more Estee Lauder blushes after having a look through the other shades in the collection and enjoying this one so much so please feel free to hit me up with some recommendations if you have any!

What shades of blush do you tend to go for? What's your favourite blush of all time?

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