Thursday, 25 February 2016

Nars x Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette

swatches from L-R; 1. paloma highlight, 2. paloma contour, 3. laguna, 4. robotic, 5. blasphemy,
6. luster & 7 dolce vita.

This post was a long time in the making, apologies, but this palette is still available so it isn't a complete fail.
I actually bought this as soon as it was released in November(?) last year and totally forgot it existed until I was rummaging through my blush drawer. It's definitely a problem when you start forgetting what you own especially when it's something as beautiful as this. Of all the Steven Klein collection this is what stood out to me the most. Of course all of the collection was to die for as it is with every Nars collaboration but for the price, range of products and amount of product you get this ticked every box for me and went straight into my basket and to my front door.

Paloma (Highlight)
A peachy beige with warm undertones and a matte finish. It feels super silky in the pan and swatches powdery but is a lot easier to blend on the face. It highlights the skin beautifully and has rich pigmentation but isn't overpowering. It's just the right balance to brighten the skin without being too intense. It's also somewhat refreshing to have a matte highlight in my collection to illuminate the skin without the shimmer. It wore well at around 7 hours.

Paloma (Contour)
A muted, medium brown with warm undertones. It, again, has rich pigmentation and I'd recommend using a very light hand when applying it. The red tones within this make it difficult to use with my skin tone but applied very faintly I can kind of get away with it, though it won't be replacing my ABH palette any time soon. It's extremely soft in texture but stubborn to blend. It lasted 8 hours on me.

Laguna (Bronzer)
An old favourite and one that you'll find in almost every Nars face palette. A medium brown with a light golden shimmer. It's easy to blend, nicely pigmented and a great addition to anyone's make up collection, we just don't need 50 of them Nars so please stop putting it in all your palettes! It wears fantastically for as long as you want it to, I have never had an issue with this fading throughout any amount of time I've worn it for although the intensity of the shimmer does lessen.

Robotic (Blush)
A light baby pink with cool undertones, a subtle silver shimmer and a mostly satin finish. It blends well but had a tendency to sheer out extremely easily so be wary about over blending. It is buildable though and you can easily add layers without it becoming patchy. It lasted about 6 hours before I noticed it fading.

Blasphemy (Blush)
A medium to dark rosy pink with a sheeny satin finish. The texture of this is noticeably drier and more powdery than the other blush shades. The pigmentation is somewhat lacking in comparison too and takes a bit of work to get the same amount of colour pay off. The finish is beautiful on the skin although somewhat patchy so bare in mind that you'll need to blend this well. It wore for pretty much the same amount of time as the other blush shades at 6 hours.

Luster (Blush)
A medium golden peach shade with strong warm undertones. It's lightly powdery, blends easily and has good pigmentation but isn't as opaque as the other shades. I prefer to use this as a highlight as the gold shimmer within is way too overpowering for me to use as a blush. Again, it lasted 6 hours before fading but the I did notice the peachy toned base colour faded long before the golden shimmer.

Dolce Vita (Blush)
One of my all time favourite Nars products. It's a deep muted plum colour with warm undertones and a satin finish. Just as with the single of this blush this has a smooth, silky texture and is so easy to blend. It has wonderful pigmentation that sticks around for 6-7 hours.

Did you end up getting anything up from this collection? What's your favourite Nars product of all time?

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