Sunday, 6 March 2016

Easter Lush Haul

I don't know about you but any excuse to put in a Lush order is more than fine with me. To say I'm addicted is an understatement. Last Easter I didn't have time to pick up anything so I made sure to grab doubles of the things I liked from this years collection (not gonna lie - I bought 3 lots of those carrots, they're adorable!).  I haven't had a chance to use any of these yet but I can at the very least tell you what they smell like so I hope that's helpful.

Fluffy Egg (bath bomb) £2.95 - link
This adorable little egg smells exactly like Snow Fairy so if you're missing the Christmas exclusive scent then you're in luck. It leaves your bath bright pink and leaves you in candy scented heaven. I think this one was available last year too and I'm glad they brought it back. I'm a fan.

Humpty Dumpty (bath bomb) £6.95 - link
This is one hefty bath bomb. It smells of fresh, citrus incredibleness which is my all time favourite scent from Lush. When put in the bath in turns the water yellow like the yolk of an egg (how cute?!).

Bunch of Carrots (bubble bar) £6.25 - link
Who knew I had an obsession with multi coloured bath products shaped as vegetables. Not only are they pretty to look at, they smell beautiful. They have a fresh, bright fruit scent leaning more on the citrus side. I really love these and happily invested in 3 bunches to keep me going for a while. I'm super excited to have a bath tonight and use these!

Which Came First? (bath bomb) £6.95 - link
Another huge bath bomb which can easily be used for multiple baths if you can be bothered to break it apart. It smells mostly fruity with a warm, sweet scent thrown in there too.

Golden Egg (bath bomb melt) £3.95 - link
The most beautiful and equally the most inconvenient product I have ever bought from Lush. I usually steer clear of products covered, or containing glitter as in theory a glittery bath is that of dreams, but in reality, you just end up with a bath that's impossible to clean and glittery hooha - not fun. I couldn't resist this though even if it is just to look at. It contains a bunch of oils and butters to make your skin all silky smooth at the cost of resembling a member of the Cullen family. It has a sweet scent with a slight hue of a cocoa butter which, of course, smells delicious.

And that's what I got from the Easter collection this year. There were a few other products too if none of these appeal to you so I'd recommend having a look. With all of these and more chocolate eggs than I know what to do with, Easter is fast becoming my new favourite holiday (after Christmas, obviously).

Have you got round to buying anything from this collection yet? What's your favourite bath bomb?

F I N D  &  F O L L O W  M E  O N 

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