Wednesday, 9 March 2016

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats - 203

Slowly and steadily I'm accumulating all of the lipsticks from this collection. A whole set of matte red lipsticks? You can bet your bum I'm going to get them all. Unfortunately though, £26 on a lipstick is rarely justified even to an a complete addict like me so when this went on sale over Christmas I was a very happy bunny (and it took all every ounce of will power not to buy the other 6 I don't have - yet).

Unlike 204 this a very bright, clean cherry red with warm undertones. The texture is creamy and it's comfortable to wear pretty much all day. The finish is demi matte, super opaque and beautiful. It's very similar in terms of quality to 204 which is always a good thing. A lot of people say that YSL lip products can be very hit and miss but so far so good when it comes to these lipsticks, well they have been for me at least.

Without a doubt these are still my most treasured lipsticks. I have a huge amount of love for Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and Nars especially, but there's something about these that make them my absolute favourites. They feel luxurious, the packaging is stunning, the formula is incredible and every shade is so spot on. They're classic, timeless lipsticks that suit everyone and if you haven't already (and you have the $$$), I would highly recommend investing in one of these. Unless you don't like red lipsticks in which case - WHAT?!

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What's your all time favourite lipstick?

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