Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Favourite Jo Malone Cologne - Wood, Sage & Sea Salt

I wholeheartedly wish that everything in my life smelt like this. It's without a doubt my favourite fragrance ever. 

It has top notes of amberette seeds, heart notes of sea salt and base notes of sage.
In all honesty I  have absolutely no clue what top, heart or base notes are but what I can tell you is this smells like a fresh open window. It's light and airy with an earthy tone and it's bloody incredible.

I've been collecting Jo Malone perfumes for about a year and I have 11 different scents but I always come back to this. The freshness of it lends itself better to Summer and it's rare that I'll pass over it to use anything else when the Sun comes out. The one and only disappointing thing about this perfume is it's lasting power. Where most perfumes cling to your clothes and hair long after they've faded from your skin, this just all up and disappears after a couple of hours and at £42 for 30ml, it isn't something that's really justifiable to repurchase bottles and bottles of.

For me though the unbridled love I have for this kind of rationalises every flaw it might have and I will begrudgingly spend £42 (or £85 - sob) again and again.

I really really love Jo Malone fragrances and I have a lot of favourites but this one takes the cake and always will.

What's your favourite Jo Malone fragrance? Have you tried this?

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  1. This frangrance sounds amazing! Ive not tried or even smelled anything from Jo Malone before but I really really want to!


  2. ooh this sounds really lovely - I'd love to have a Jo Malone fragrance as they seem beautiful xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  3. I have never smelt this one, I love the blackberry and bay one!


  4. Sounds so lovely!! I really love fresh scents so I need to smell this ASAP
    Kathy x