Friday, 8 July 2016

Mac Lip Liners - Dervish, Stripdown & Burgundy

I haven't really been into lip liners for very long but since adding a few more shades to my Mac collection I thought it was about time to update my lip liner collection too.

Of all the lip liners I've tried so far Mac have definitely been a mile above the rest. The formula is so lovely. It's creamy, glides on the lips without tugging at all and they are pigmented to high heaven. They definitely make your lipstick last longer and prevent them from bleeding, which as an avid red lip wearer, I can really appreciate. Even if it wasn't for their wonderful formula their shade selection alone makes them truly wonderful. Of the 41 shades available you're bound to find one to match every lipstick you own.

A light to medium mid tone pink mauve with subtle cool undertones. I bought this with one of my all time favourite Mac lipsticks in mind, Mehr. As they both have that cool mauve hue they go perfectly together. The texture of this pencil is a little more on the drier side than any other liner I've tried from Mac so far but it's still as pigmented and lasts just as long.

A warm toned medium brown nude shade with yellow undertones. I don't own very many lipsticks that this will pair well with but because it's so neutral it just seemed like a great addition to have in my collection. The pencil is creamy enough to use to fill in your entire lips with without being overly drying. Don't get me wrong it definitely is going to feel dry but personally I didn't find it unbearable. I think the shade itself is lovely although not overly flattering on my skin tone when worn as a stand alone shade. I'm sure when used with a lipstick this will work a lot better against my pale complexion.

This was an essential purchase for me. I own far too many burgundy/deep red/wine shades of lipstick and desperately needed help to stop them bleeding and this has worked wonders. It's a deep muted burgundy shade with strong, warm brown undertones. I have found that it literally works well with any kind of burgundy lipstick as long as it's warm toned (which most of them are anyway). It compliments Studded Kiss and Diva from Mac beautifully. I use this a lot and I have no idea how I ever lived without it.

At £12.50 I think these are well worth it. Like I said, even if it's just for the colour choices alone. They last around 5-6 hours when used with a lipstick (bare in mind that's with a matte lipstick though) and even on their own they preform well for up to 4 hours. I really love them and already have at least 4 shades in mind to buy next!

What's your favourite brand when it comes to lip liners? Can you recommend any Mac lipstick & lip liner combos?


F I N D  &  F O L L O W  M E  O N 


  1. I have never used a Mac liner, but strip down looks right up my street!

  2. I've only ever used soar Mac liner, but these look like gorgeous shades!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  3. These all look so pretty! I have yet to try any of the MAC lip liners but I really want to!

    xo, Liz

  4. I can honestly say I've never used a lip liner! I don't really understand the point and purpose of them!

  5. Burgundy is perfect for darker lipsticks! It's the only dark lip liner I have and it works with the vast majority of my darker shades. Stripdown looks like a beautiful shade, it almost reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude. If you haven't tried the CT lip liners I would highly recommend them, they are insanely creamy and really help lipsticks last hours on hours.

    Cindy |

  6. I am in love with Stripdown!!! Such a pretty color brown. Have you found the right lipstick to use with it?

    Lots of love,

  7. I love the Burgundy shade, it's so nice for autumn!!
    Kathy x