Monday, 19 January 2015

Fashion Trends For Spring 2015

Despite my wardrobe being incredibly and almost offensively boring and monochrome I love seeing what's coming up in the fashion world for the different seasons.

I will admit that I am one of those people that impulse buys a bright green floral jumper that I'll never wear in a million years just because it's in fashion. I know, I know this is one of the biggest shopping no no's but sometimes I just can't help myself - it's dangerously close to being an addiction.

So if you're interested in what's coming up for Spring like I am then this post is for you. I'm fully aware that we aren't even done with January yet but the sun's shining in London today and I felt hopeful for nicer weather. We'll just ignore that it was snowing here 2 days ago.

They're coming back! Not that I really think they ever left and especially in Spring - the highstreet is usually overflowing with floral stuff and this year will be no different and in all shapes and sizes too. From ditsy prints to neon roses. I'm not really a huge fan of florals but I'm looking forward to seeing if there'll be anything to convince me this year.

I think we saw a bit of this last Summer or at least I remember a pair of Topshop jeans in this pattern that sold out like hotcakes. This year you can expect it on dresses and trousers (and hopefully Topshop jeans again). I'm hoping there'll be something out there for us monochrome lovers with this particular trend although I'm sensing a lot of pastels.

Trouser Suits
These have been around for a while and are apparently making their big debut in the Spring. I'm not sold on these at all as, to be honest, I just don't think I can pull them off but these were all up and down the catwalk at the start of this year.

Prints, bags, dresses. The 'boho' style is meant to be everywhere this Spring and this is the only one that I'm actually excited for. I love the style and usually wear it by adding a few pieces to my otherwise bland outfit. ASOS are already doing a variety of dresses in this style and a few of them have made their way into my basket in preparation for the warmer months, if it actually ever does warm up in London.

Shirt Dresses
The perfect way to look casual and put together at the same time. I think these look great and are so easy to wear it's unbelievable. Pair it with ankle boots, heels or sandals and you can transition your look for pretty much any occasion. I'm definitely sold on these and can see myself wearing them a lot.

Colour of the season: Yellow

Let me know if you liked this style of post and if you're an impulse buyer too so we can feel less guilty together.

Would you wear any of these trends?

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