Thursday, 16 April 2015

Summer Essentials

In terms of beauty, Summer is a difficult season to get through. With your make up sliding down your face 20 minutes after applying it and your hair being frazzled by the sun I thought I'd share with you some of the products I couldn't be without in the burning London heat (that was obviously sarcasm, just in case you missed it).

sea salt spray

I really try to stay away from applying heat to my hair in the Summer as I think the heat from the sun is probably damaging enough without me adding to it so if I haven't shoved it up in a pineapple on top of my head I've used this. The one from Lush is my favourite. It smells of sweet lemons and isn't too drying as some salt sprays can be. You can buy it here for £9.95. The overall effect of using a salt spray is texture. It doesn't aid in curling your hair or holding curls etc is just gives you that beachy wave, textured look. Basically giving the illusion that you've made an effort when in reality it's taken you 2 seconds. The Bumble & bumble one is also really great I just don't use it as often because it doesn't really have a scent which I know some people will prefer but I like a little something to freshen up my hair, especially on day 2 or 3. You can buy the Bumble & bumble surf spray mini (50ml) from Boots here for £9.50.
I also really like this one from Lee Stafford for £7.99 and this one from Toni & Guy which is a texturising spray but does pretty much the exact same thing!

breath of fresh air toner

My hands down best friend in the Summer. I LOVE this. I'm sure Caudalie do a really similar if not identical product that I can't wait to try but this is absolutely wonderful. Despite saying that it's a toner it doesn't really do much for the skin for example there isn't any significant decrease in redness or glorious radiance but oh my god is it refreshing. It doesn't ruin your make up when you spray it on top so keeping this in my handbag for a refreshing spritz every now and again is essential for me. As the label says it truly is a sea breeze captured in a bottle. You can get it here from Lush for £7.95.

origins vitazing tinted moisturiser

Usually tinted moisturisers aren't very forgiving when it comes to my oily skin but this is beautiful. I'm head over heels for this whole range from Origins but I find myself picking this up more often than my other mositurisers during the Summer. It leaves the skin looking radiant and glowing and the sheer tint is enough for good skin days. SPF is obviously a must for all times of the year but more so in the Summer so the fact that this has SPF 15 is great. It provides a lovely base for foundation, feels completely weightless and sinks into the skin quickly so you don't have to worry about your face feeling tacky when you're trying to apply the rest of your make up. You can get it here  for £29.
Oh and just bare in mind that if you're using a moisturiser with SPF in it don't use a foundation, primer or any other base product with an SPF in it as they cancel each other out - a handy tip for you there if I do say so myself!

urban decay setting spray

We've all had to put it up with our make up lasting 5 minutes in the sunshine but are gone are the days of your make up sliding off your face. For us oily skin gals keeping make up on your face in the Winter is hard enough let alone in the Summer which is why I use this most of the year round, but there is no way I could live without this when the sun comes out. A few sprays of this keeps my make up in place for a lot longer than just dousing my face in powder. I have a mini version that I keep in my bag for touch ups during the day as using a powder is out of the question when you've been sweating. It isn't a good look - trust me. This doesn't hold your make up in place forever but will definitely add an hour or 2 to the length of time it will last. From experience, and I'm sure none of you are this stupid, avoid spraying it too close to your face because it makes for very patchy and dripping make up. You can buy it here for £21.

And that's all of my beauty essentials when it comes to Summer! Let me know if you'd like to see a make up version of this list.

Have you tried any of these?
Do you have a product that you couldn't live without in the Summer?

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