Sunday, 9 August 2015

4 Outfits: Florals

Despite the fact that, sadly, we seem to be coming towards the end of Summer in the UK I thought it could be helpful to give you some ideas on how to style florals. Not by any means are floral prints difficult to style, but I think they can sometimes be intimidating. I for one have definitely been a walking fashion faux pas dressed head to toe in floral in my younger years. It was most definitely not a good look. Florals are also a great way to transition between summer and autumn especially when paired with darker colours. I hope you enjoy/find this post in any way useful!

Look #1: Top, Shorts, Shoes, Hat

Look #2: Top, Trousers, Boots, Bag

Look #3: Top, Shorts, Boots, Clutch, Sunglasses, Necklace

Look #4: Shirt, Jeans, Heels, Bag

Are you a fan of florals?

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