Thursday, 6 August 2015

What I'm Watching #2

1. Sons Of Anarchy
Potentially my favourite TV show of all time. I LOVE it. There are 7 seasons all in all and I'm a fan of all of them. Often you find, or at least I do, that a show can lose it's mojo during the middle couple of seasons and yet this kept going strong from the first episode until the last. Featuring around the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club and the members, in particular Jax Teller played by Charlie Hunnam (aka the hottest man to ever walk the planet), it plays through gun fights, love stories, car chases, betrayal and everything inbetween. It is so good that I've started basically, sometimes literally, forcing everyone I know to watch it. It's incredible - go and watch it immediately.

2. Arrow
Based on DC Comic's Green Arrow this is a story of a vigilante trying to save his city. Usually I'm not a fan of superhero related stuff but I was obsessed with this. Oliver Queen, the main character, his father and his girlfriend's sister (naughty, naughty) were on his family's boat - The Queen's Gambit when it crashed. They survived and as they floated in the sea in a life boat his father gave him a notebook full of the names of all the people that have wronged the city of Starling, and left it to Oliver to bring the city redemption before shooting himself. I'm not going to give you any more spoilers but from there it just gets better and better. The backstory to Oliver and his family, combined with his Arrow persona in the present day kept me hooked, so much so that I managed to watch 3 whole seasons in one week. Each season is 22 episodes long so I hope that gives you an idea of how addictive it is/insane I am. The first episode is a bit meh if I'm honest, so stick with it until episode 3 - you'll be as hooked as I was.

3. Parks and Recreation
I really love having an easy to watch series on the go to have on in the background and this is a great candidate for that. I laughed out loud a lot and found myself stopping what I was doing to just sit and watch each episode. Amy Poehler is amazing and if no other reason you should watch this for her. My personal favourite character though is Ron Swanson, who I'm pretty sure is my spirit animal. If you like light hearted comedy then this is one for you.

Special mention goes to Ghost Adventures which I've been loving recently. It freaks me out massively but I can't stop watching it. I am desperately trying to stop watching it before I go to bed though because I've been refusing to leave my bedroom without the lights on for fear of being attacked by a shadow figure but apart from that, it's great!

What have you been watching recently? Do you have a favourite TV show of all time?

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