Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Another Home Wishlist

notting hill sign - copper basket - glass jar - monochrome cushion - cat bookend - candle holder -
mermaid print - blue cushion - retro clock - terrarium - pastel frame assortment 

It's that time again when I'm getting bored with everything so, to satisfy my burning desire for change, I'm on the hunt for some adorable home decor.

The first place I always always look is H&M home. It's full of beautiful bits and bobs and I've been obsessed since I discovered it 2 years ago (or more?!). A recent discovery though, is tea and kate. It's full of everything I love, from notebooks to hanging chairs, it has it all. I find myself adding every single piece on their site to my wishlist and I'm always checking for new additions. I'd highly recommend having a look!

What do you do when you're looking to change things up in your life?
Where do you go to when you're looking to pick up some stuff for your house?

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