Monday, 18 January 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

first pictured swatches from L-R: blonde, bathwater, skimp, steady, punk, baby, anaheim, stark, zone, serious.
second from L-R: pop, harajuku, danger, 1987, blackout.

Every time Urban Decay brings out a palette I have to have it. Even after being disappointed in the quality of their previous release, the smoky palette, I still had the ache to try this one. First of all the shades in this palette - oh my god. I love them all, even the shimmery hot pink, although I'm not sure I'd ever wear it (unless anyone wants to invite me to an 80's themed barbie party). All in all you get 15 shades with a great mix of finishes from frosted to matte to create and endless amount of looks. On the whole every shade is smooth, soft, blendable and pigmented - just the way I like em'. Anyway, here's the run down of all the shades.

Blonde - The palest swatch I have ever seen, sorry about that - I really did try! A pale ivory shade with a hint of pink iridescence and a understated frosted finish. It feels very soft in texture and is finely milled and tightly packed but applies beautifully with good pigmentation (despite the swatching fiasco).

Bathwater - Light beige with golden yellow tones. The glitter/iridescence in this shade is much more loose and therefore the pigmentation isn't as strong and applies almost as a wash. It has similar finish to the previous shade just a lot more subtle because of the lack of pigmentation. The texture is equally as soft and feels just as finely milled.

Skimp - A pale peach with warm undertones and sheeny, satin finish. This shade is still soft in texture but is a little more powdery and has a tendency for fall out on application. It applied kind of unevenly on me and sheered out a lot more than I was expecting.

Steady - A beaaaautiful copper shade with a metallic finish. The pigmentation of this shadow is amazing. It's easy to blend and lasted ages on me without losing intensity or creasing as most metallic shadows tend to do on me.

Punk - A rich dark brown matte with red/plum undertones and great pigmentation. It has a buttery texture to swatch from the pan but was stubborn when trying to blend it.

Baby - Rose gold with warm undertones and a glittery, metallic finish. Wonderful pigmentation and a gorgeous shade that blends well and feels soft in texture like most of the other shades in this palette.

Anaheim - Medium taupe with slight warm undertones and a matte finish. It has good pigmentation but isn't as strong as some of the other shades which makes it a great transition shade. Still has a soft, buttery texture but is slightly more on the powdery side. On the plus side though, I didn't have any fall out applying or blending it.

Stark - Medium beige with strong peach undertones. It's a little bit powdery but still blends well although it did sheer out a lot. This shade is very similar to my skin tone anyway so it kind of just disappears on me even if it didn't sheer out. It has a soft matte finish.

Zone - A medium brown with strong yellow undertones and a matte finish. It has strong, even pigmentation that blends fairly easily and lasts well.

Serious - A deep grey shade with a really fine shimmer. Again this shade is a little powdery but it applied well but was a little difficult to blend.

Pop - Light peach with a sparkly, glittery finish. You can feel the chunks of glitter in the texture which makes it hard to apply with the amount of fall out. It was uneven because of the consistency but looked beautiful pressed on in the centre of the eye (which is how I wore it).

Harajuku - A hot pink shade with cool, blue undertones and a sheer frosted finish. The pigmentation is good but it does sheer out and lose intensity easily while blending.

Danger - The most beautiful deep navy blue with a silvery sheen. It has great pigmentation, that blends easily and evenly. It's soft and smooth in texture and is by far my favourite shade in this palette. It's gorgeous.

1987 - Very yellow gold with slight warm undertones and a metallic finish. It's lightly powdery but still feels soft in consistency. It has great pigmentation and blends beautifully while holding it's intensity.

Blackout - A deep, true matte black with neutral undertones. It's super finely milled and has a velvety texture that blends fairly well. It does have quite a lot of fall out though during application and throughout wear.

What do you think of this palette? Have you already added it to your collection or are you going to?

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