Monday, 26 January 2015

YSL Shocking Mascara

YSL Shocking Mascara 01 Deep Black £24.50 - link

Oh boy do YSL have mascaras down. I honestly can't think of one other brand where every single one of their mascaras is amazing. 

This is now my third tube of this mascara. It's so great for adding thickness and volume to your lashes. The formula is really thick which I've found helps to get all the things you want out of a mascara without sticking them together and leaving you looking like you have just three lashes. 
Usually I have to stick to waterproof mascaras because throughout the day it transfers to under my eyes (another great bonus for those of us with oily skin) but this doesn't. It looks just as great at the end of the day to when you put it on hours before. I've read a couple of reviews about this having dried out really quickly but it's never happened to me, so maybe I'm just lucky!

The price can be a little off putting but if I ever recommend a mascara it's this one - or really any from YSL! The packaging is beautiful, they smell great (if that makes a difference at all) and they add volume, thickness, length and all of the above.

What's your favourite mascara? Have you tried this one?

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