Friday, 30 October 2015

Topshop Blush - Dream Phone

Topshop Powder Blush in Dream Phone £7 - link

Only recently have I started appreciating blushes and adding more and more to my ever growing make up collection. This one from Topshop is a dark pink shade with a golden, super fine shimmer running through it. The shimmer isn't too overpowering but be wary if you're heavy handed like me, not only to spare yourself of a face full of shimmer but the pigment is pretty overpowering. It applies beautifully (with a light hand) and lasted 5 hours on my skin before fading into the rest of my make up.

I think it's a great addition to any blush collection at £7. The packaging alone is adorable so the fact that the product is equally as gorgeous is a complete win. As I've said 100 times, Topshop make up is amazing or at least all the products I've tried have been, so if you haven't already, go and try something. I'd recommend picking up any of their lipsticks they're a lovely creamy matte/velvet finish, or obviously their blushes - I'm definitely a fan.

Whats your favourite blush in your collection? What shades do you usually opt for in a blush?

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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ankle Boots Anonymous

ASOS End Of The World Ankle Boots £55 - link

Hi I'm Aimey and I'm addicted to ankle boots. I would say it's become a problem but how can owning too many pairs of beautiful ankle boots be a problem?! I got these from ASOS last week and haven't stopped wearing them since.

I have so many pairs of plain black boots (and every other kind - hence the addiction) and even though I wear them so frequently I get bored of the lack of variation. I always opt for black because it goes with everything, especially in my wardrobe, so when I find a pair that are a little different I'm over the moon. I love how simple these are but still are a different take on an otherwise pretty standard, boring boot. The wooden look soles really break up an outfit, add texture and I'm just all round in love with them. They're not super comfortable as they're quite a strange fit, on me at least, with the heel being pretty snug but fitting well everywhere else. The block heel is a good height at around 4 inches but with the platform and the shape of the heel they are a breeze to walk in.

What do you think of ankle boots? What shoes do you wear most in A/W?
Have a look at the ankle boots wishlist I did HERE.

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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Nail Favourites #3

Essie No More Film £7.99 - link
Essie Chillato £7.99 - link
Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Chai £3.99 - link

These are 3 pretty recent additions to my nail polish stash and 3 that I am totally and completely obsessed with.
No more film is a beautiful deep navy shade and the only one in my collection. It is suited perfectly to the current season and makes a change to all the burgundy and berry shades floating around at the moment. This is fast becoming one of my favourite nail varnishes ever. Chillato, on the other hand I love equally as much but is pretty out of place in this season and this trio. When I saw it in Boots I couldn't snatch it off the stand fast enough. It was love at first sight, as sad as that may be to say about a nail polish. It's as streaky as a mothertrucker on application but I'm not sure anything could hinder my love for it. It's gorgeous. And finally a Barry M polish in the shade Chai. It's a grey-beige hybrid that looks great any time of year. I always have at least 4 or 5 of these kinds of shades in my collection and are easily my most worn polishes.

What have you been loving on your nails at the moment? Do you have a favourite shade for A/W?

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Naked Skin Beauty Balm

Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm £23.50 - link

After reading the description of this I was intrigued to see what it actually does. It has a long (long) list of claims like hydrating the skin, blurring imperfections, evens out skin tone and a lot more. I've been using it on and off for around 3 weeks and I'm not completely sold on it, especially as a stand alone base product which it's meant to be.

Out of the tube this is a orangey/peach coloured lightweight liquid but blended, fades into the skin and becomes translucent - the shade is described as universal. It doesn't have any coverage whatsoever and I can't say that I noticed any affects of the "diffused light or high tech pigments" it's described as having but it definitely does smooth the skin and minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. It didn't make a noticeable difference in evening out my skin tone, redness I have around my nose and any blemishes were still as visible as before application, but my make up did last longer when I had applied this at an hour or so more of wear. 

Personally I would not feel comfortable wearing this solely as my base despite it being branded a BB cream, I prefer to have some coverage if I'm going to be wearing make up. To me this is much more suited to being a primer in what it does and how I use it and I'd recommend that if you're thinking of buying this consider it more that way but of course that's completely up to you.

Have you tried this? Would you wear a translucent base product?

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

How I Blog

It's weird that when you become a blogger you're often at a complete loss as where to start when writing a post. There is a pretty long checklist in the recipe of a good blog post like a nice background, pretty presentation, a unique writing style and the boring stuff such as links, information and of course something to actually talk about.
In the 3 years I've been blogging, and the year before that of religiously reading them, I haven't really seen anyone talk about their blogging process. I know that I'd love to know how other bloggers go about writing and preparing a post so I'd love to see anyone reading this doing one of these. I'd find it super interesting to see if there are any similarities or any differences too - so please have a go at this! Any excuse for more blog post ideas,  am I right?!

I'll use a beauty product review as an example as that is the main bulk of my posts. Usually I wait until I've collected at least 4 or 5 products before I'll actually get them all out to photograph. When I finally do get round to setting everything up to start taking pictures I'm normally quite happy with a white background especially if I have the outer packaging of a product to use as a prop but if I think it's too boring, I'll grab a cute notebook, an interesting print or just put it on the wooden floors in my house to jazz everything up a bit. I also bear in mind that the product needs to be the focus of the photo so I'll always try to keep things to minimum which suits my taste and photography style anyway. Photographing products is the longest part of a beauty post, for me at least, and that's why I like to devote a good few hours to doing a bunch at once, taking pictures everyday gets a little tedious. After taking photographs of everything, most of the time I try to aim for at least 3 per post, I edit them. I'm really inexperienced with editing software so I've just stuck to using my camera settings and it works fine for me so far. I'm considering getting photoshop and taking the time to learn to use it but it seems really daunting. I guess I'll have to learn sometime so there's no time like the present but anyway - after all that, I create a post, upload the pictures and start writing.

I hardly ever write all 4, 5 or however many reviews I have all at once. I generally do 1 or 2 the day of photographing and then finish the rest during evenings later in the week. I post 3 times a week, sometimes more if I have something I particularly want to talk about but that gives me time to work through posts at a much more relaxed pace. I find introductions the hardest part of writing a post and it often takes me a lifetime to get things going so I start by using bullet points of information on the product then that slowly forms into a post and then the introduction and ending is a piece of cake. When a post is complete, I add the labels and then leave it until the day of posting. The day of, I proof read it all to check it's in the right tense, there's no mistakes, the link still works etc and if it's all good then I press publish. My posts either go up at around 1pm or 7pm as that's when I get the most traffic (thanks Google Analytics - which if you don't use I'd recommend doing so, it's super helpful) and then that's it!

I hope you find this as interesting as I do and if you write one of these please comment, or let me know that you have and I'll definitely give it a read.

What's your favourite and least favourite part of writing a post? Do you struggle with anything?

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Lush Haul

Lush is truly one of, or if not the greatest invention of this generation. Bath's haven't been so fun since princess bubble bath (does anyone else remember that?). Not really having a local store I always order stuff online but last weekend I finally went to the store in Oxford street and picked up a couple of bits and pieces. I'm so annoyed at myself for not really picking up anything seasonal but at least that's an excuse to go back or make a hefty order online. I'm not a huge fan of the Halloween stuff but i'm all about their Christmas collection. They have a set with the twilight shower gel in it and I genuinely did a little scream when I saw it much to my boyfriend's sincere bewilderment. Anyway enough of what I didn't buy - here's what I did!

Twilight Bath bomb - link
Smells like heaven or of lavender if you want to be specific. This is my favourite bath bomb from Lush. I use it at the end of days that I wish didn't happen or to help me sleep. It's soothing, turns the water a beautiful blue and is just all round wonderful.

Think Pink Bath bomb - link
If you don't like sweet scents this one isn't for you. It smells like vanilla and sugar and is made even sweeter by the little rice piper hearts that float in the water after it dissolves. It leaves your bath a bright pink colour.

Butterball Bath bomb - link
If you haven't tried this go and buy it immediately. I don't know a person that doesn't like it. I think this is one of Lush's more neutral bath bombs that can be appreciated by all genders, ages etc. It's white in colour, doesn't really change the colour of your bath either as far as I can remember but is packed full of cocoa butter. After putting this in the bath you can rub the water over your skin and be left with skin as soft as a faux fur blanket - it's bloomin' marvellous!

So White Bath bomb - link
White in colour this smells like crisp apples. Surprisingly it turns your bath a shade of baby pink and actually contains nothing to do with apples what so ever when you look at the ingredients list but is still lovely nonetheless. I'm a little disappointed that the shower gel in this scent isn't making a come back this Christmas as I loved that last year but I guess I'll just have to make do with an excess amount of these bath bombs.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon - link
There seem to be a lot of mixed feelings about the rose jam scent. Personally I'm a fan and was overjoyed that they've expanded the range to the bubble department. I haven't used this yet although I'm sure it will make bubbles and that they'll smell incredible.

Bar Humbug Bubble bar - link
I LOVE the smell of this. It's meant to smell like liquorice which I hate but to me smells it just like blackcurrant. It's a really deep fragrance that has Winter written all over it. I haven't used this yet either so I'll keep you posted.

The Experimenter - link
Again this is one I haven't tried. I think this has recently become available online too so that's a bonus - if I actually end up liking it of course. It smells sweet and spicy at the same time kind of like a cinnamon bun or something - I can't quite put my finger on it. It looks incredible and I can't wait to try it and see what colour it leaves the water, I have my fingers crossed for a rainbow bath.

What's your favourite lush product? I'd love to read some recommendations!

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

My Red Lipstick Collection Part #3 - Darks

swatches from L-R:
Rimmel 107 £5.49 - link, MAC Diva £15.50 - link, MAC Studded Kiss £15.50 - link, Topshop Beguiled £8 - N/A, YSL 204 £26 - link, Topshop Wicked £8 - N/A, Topshop Trigger £8 - N/A

Well I'm just going to pretend that there wasn't a month in between this part and the previous one. This is the final installment of my red lipstick collection as it currently is and this is my most favourite part - the dark reds. I get the most use out of these without a doubt and I don't limit them to this time of year but they definitely do seem a little more suited to it. I have a whole bunch of these kinds of shades sitting in baskets on various websites, but mainly MAC who am I kidding, so I'll be sure to update this when there are a few new additions to talk about but for now - here's what I'm working with.

Rimmel 107 - Dark red with strong cool blue undertones. It's a semi and comfortable matte finish that lasts 4/5 hours. The formula seems much better than others I have from the range. It's less dry, more opaque and lasts a lot longer on the lips without fading or becoming patchy.

MAC Diva - A deep burgundy red with warm undertones.  It's a semi matte finish that becomes drier throughout wearing it but never becomes uncomfortable. It's completely creamy and completely opaque on application and lasts for a good amount of time at 6-7 hours and leaves a light stain as it fades.

MAC Studded Kiss - A really similar shade to Diva this is also a burgundy red with warm undertones. It's a slightly warmer hue and has brown tones tones running through it. It's, again, a semi matte finish that applies creamy and if you're interested in reading more I wrote a review you can have look at here.

Topshop Beguiled - Warm toned burgundy red. Its a velvet finish with a creamy formula that is opaque in a couple of coats.  Lasts 5-6 hours.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture - The Mats 204 - Definitely the most luxurious in my collection. It applies beautifully smooth and opaque and wears for around 4-5 hours and even then only just starts showing signs of wear. It's a semi matte finish that continues to stay moisturising and comfortable all through wear. It's a warm toned deep red with subtle brown undertones. Full review here.

Topshop Wicked - A deep berry burgundy shade with strong blue undertones. This is, unfortunately, the only berry shade in my collection but it's beautiful and without doubt one of my favourite lipsticks that I own. It's a really flattering shade and one that I get a lot of use of especially around this time of year. It wears well at 4 hours before it starts fading - I have a review of this which you can read if you want to here. It's more of a satin finish than a velvet or semi matte like all the other Topshop lipsticks I own.

Topshop Trigger - A medium - dark true red with subtle blue undertones. It's a velvet finish that takes a couple of coats to be opaque. It has a smooth texture and that lasts around 3 hours before a need to reapply. Full review here.

Do you like dark reds? What's your favourite A/W lipstick?

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Monday, 12 October 2015

My Bedroom

Designing a space is always a work in progress or it is for me anyway because my taste changes so often but, in my frequent boredom, I always turn to decor items to mix things up. This really isn't so much a tour rather than a look at what bits and pieces I've bought to design my room at the moment. As you can probably tell my style is very mismatched but I enjoy the mix of themes, patterns, colours etc. I like to think it adds character but I'm aware it could just as easily look like a pile of complete poop. To each their own I guess!

I will most likely end up doing several of these posts as I really do change it all the time but I hope you find it interesting or it at the very least gave you some inspiration if you're thinking of changing things up at the moment too!

copper alarm clock - link
copper & black pot - link
letter candle - link
shelf unit - link
turquoise frame - link
glass pot - link
1234 unit - link
lantern - link
emma bridgewater tin - link

P.S  - sorry I couldn't find everything to link it all but most of it is from eBay anyway!

What style is your bedroom? Where do you get your decor bits and pieces from?

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Friday, 2 October 2015

MAC Lipstick - Whirl

MAC Matte Lipstick (Whirl) £15.50 - link

Branching out from reds and classic nudes I decided to go for a lipstick that I would never normally wear. Whirl is a recent addition, as far as I'm aware, to MAC's lipstick range after the popularity of the liner thanks to Kylie Jenner. It looks full on brown in the bullet but applied you can see where MAC's description of dirty rose comes into play.

It's a deep, muted rosy brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It's slightly creamy to apply and is completely opaque. It dries to a true and almost uncomfortable matte finish after about an hour and then lasts for 5-6 hours before it starts fading particularly in the center of the lips. Because of the shade it does make your teeth look slightly yellow and on my complexion it washes me out a little bit, but it's still very wearable.

It's a nice change from what I would normally wear and I'm happy to have it in my collection.

What do you think of this lipstick? Is it a shade that you would wear?

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